The cybercrime battle is global

Cybercriminals never sleep, so you need round-the-clock threat intelligence to understand how bad actors can impact your business. Intel 471’s SaaS platform helps enterprises break through the noise — enabling security teams to anticipate and track their adversaries’ every move.

Introducing TITAN, an intuitive intelligence platform built by intelligence and security professionals for intelligence and security professionals. Its robust web portal provides cyber professionals access to structured data, dashboards, timely alerts, and intelligence reporting.

But TITAN doesn’t stop there. Use TITAN’s programmable RESTful API to power numerous connectors and integrations, integrating and operationalizing customized intelligence into your security operations.

TITAN delivers structured technical and non-technical data and intelligence that is continually updated by our global team and automated processes.

Intelligence is mapped to Intel 471's Criminal Underground General Intelligence Requirements (CU-GIR) framework and is driven by your prioritized intelligence requirements.

TITAN delivers rich functionality related to cyber threats including:

  • Searching
  • Filtering
  • Routing
  • Alerting
  • Pivoting
  • Monitoring
  • Mining

Integrate TITAN easily and flexibly with your tools of choice, including:

  • Leading threat intelligence platforms (TIPs)
  • Orchestration platforms (SOARs)
  • Link analysis tools
  • Security tooling (SIEMs)

With structured data, less noise, and high-fidelity results, you can focus your team on the threats that matter most. Help protect your organization from costly, debilitating security breaches and other incidents, while delivering more value to the business.

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