Intel 471 provides complete coverage of the criminal underground, leveraging our SaaS platform, TITAN, which uses locally sourced human-driven, automation-enabled insights. Gain broad coverage and monitor the threats that matter to your organization and leaders.

Intelligence Capabilities

Malware Intelligence

Actively track weaponized and productionized threats that could cause security breaches, revenue loss, and customer harm. Gain real-time monitoring of malware activity and command and control infrastructures that’s paired with targeted human analysis. Tap Intel 471’s stream of technical indicators, campaign reporting and deep technical insights on top malware families to harden your defenses against the latest threats.

Adversary Intelligence

Understand what threat actors are planning, attacking, and how they operate. By learning the why and how of their behavior, you can proactively plan for – and help outwit – their attacks. Intel 471 provides ongoing automated collection, local human intelligence reporting, and high-fidelity alerting of top-tier cybercriminals. We customize these results to your business, industry, and geography, enabling you to make critical decisions based on trusted intelligence.

Credential Intelligence

Mitigate the exposure of compromised credentials that could be used to impersonate users, gain unauthorized network access, steal data, and commit fraud. Intel 471 provides constant monitoring and alerting of compromised credentials, alerting you to breaches involving your employees, VIPs, customers and third-party suppliers and vendors. We identify how leaks occurred, whether they are new, and the scope of damage, so that you can take appropriate action.

Vulnerability Intelligence

Evolve your vulnerability management and program by prioritizing your patch management program. Intel 471 provides you with a lifecycle view of vulnerabilities, including weaponized and productionized threats. You gain ongoing monitoring and reporting of key vulnerabilities, prioritized by risk and impact. You can use insights to understand how threats are changing, prioritize patches, and reduce your risks over time.

Solutions By Use Case

Brand Protection

Equip your cyber threat intelligence (CTI) teams with insights into who the relevant threat actors are, how they’re collaborating, and their next planned attack to drive proactive action and protect your brand.

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Identify indicators of fraudulent activity to reduce your fraud risks and costs using our cybercrime intelligence comprehensive coverage of the underground marketplace.

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Insider Threat

Stop insiders from using their privileged access to damage your business. Identify early signs of malicious insider activity with Intel 471 threat intelligence, and prevent destructive insider attacks.

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Security Operations

Empower analysts to monitor and respond to threats in near real-time — enabling them to support the cyber defense mission with timely and actionable intelligence.

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Third-Party Risk

Monitor the criminal underground for threats emanating from your digital supply chain including the buying and selling of your confidential and sensitive information.

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Threat Hunting

Arm your threat hunting team with the right cyber intelligence to reduce digital risk and detect malicious activity early. Intel 471 cybercrime intelligence provides your threat hunting team the who, what, why, where, and when of the methods used by malicious actors.

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